Trofeu Rotax Braga – Round 1


Saturday was only a practice day , however it was dry where as on sunday it was wet. So in the dry i was comfertably on the pace and constantilly top5. A good day but it was no use for sunday.


Very dissapointing, but we know it wasnt my fault since in the warm- up in the morning we where still on the pace. But when we got our tires for qualifying from the organisation I felt alot less comfertable and overall just lacking grip. We later found out it was due too the tires because a certain amount of people had the same problem. Of course this was very frustrating and not fair for the championship. In qualifying I ended up in 10th place but soon dropping down to 13 in the first pre- final because of the tires. Then the same bullshit story in the Final finishing 14th. Overall i was top5 but when it mattered we had the issue with the tires.

  • Qualifying: P12
  • Final 1: P13
  • Final 2: P13
  • Pole time: 1:06.82
Circuito de Braga

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