Series Rotax Valencia- Round 5


What a weekend Valencia was. The first practice on saturday I was 1st. I knew that  i had a good setup for the chasiss since friday but on saturday I got my race engine and it was an absolute rocket. I used the following practices to practice overtaking for the race since the kart was perfect and we shouldn’t have worked on it anymore. At the end of the day I finish all practices in the top 5. The final practice session no one drove since the track was wet from a really quick, heavy shower.


In the warmup i had a mare, only coming p15, but there was no worry since i was screwed on every lap and my theoretical lap would have been a p1. Then came qualifying, where i got my first pole this season! I had 3 super fast guys in front of me on the final lap and all four of us came together at the end of lap like a spring. I was at the end of train so got the fastest lap. Final 1 i got a good start but p3 got an even better start and squished down the inside in turn 1 as i got shoved wide down to p4. By the first lap i was already back up to p2 and pushing p1 to get a gap to 3rd. A few laps later i overtook for the lead since i felt i was faster. With 7 laps to go i was once again overtaken and then the race settled with larger gaps so i finished p2. Final 2 i started p4 but p2 got a very poor start so i was forced to go to the inside when i was p7. Lap by lap I was overtaking people. When i got up to p5 i was hit very hard under braking and half spun and dropped down to p16 ( The incident didn’t even get reported to the stewards) and had to finish p12 to get enough points to get on the podium. In the last lap i overtook p12 and got on the podium with the results counted up from both races!

  • Qualifying: P1
  • Final 1: P2
  • Final 2: P12
  • Pole time: 56.550
Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero, Valencia

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