Series Rotax Motorland 2- Round 3


A day with mixed fortunes, from the start I looked fast in the rain but near the end of the 2nd practice session I got spun out and lost control, when I finally stoped the kart and looked on track I saw a Tonykart spear into my side, bending my frame which meant game over. For the 3rd stint my team managed to get a mew kart ready,but……. they had forgotten to put water in the radiator. Luckily it was raining so my engine didn’t absolutely demolish it self. But it was still a big scare nether the less, and we had lost a practice session. After lunch all went super on rails again coming p6 in all of the final 3 practices


In the warmup I went out on old tires compared to my opponents so only finished 12th but nothing to worry about. Then came qualifying, where I ended up a respectable p8 and starting 8th in both finals. Then came final 1, it was drying up and some people gambled to go on the dries which ended up to be the worse choice, even though the wet tires were completely cooked after the race, I got off a bad start and got tapped and dropped down to 13th. But from there on I climbed up the order all the way to p4 since the top 3 were ages away, but I did catch up in the end and finished p3 because of the penalties in front. Then my bad luck came after the race….. There were 2 extra formation laps due to false starts which burned fuel and tires , thus weight. So when i came to the weighing scale I was 100grams underweight! It was an absolute disaster on my mechanics behalf because he hadn’t taken the extra laps into account. Then later on I got disqualified from the first race. For final 2 it was dry and I wasn’t as fast in the dry as in the rain and finished a disappointing 14th

  • Qualifying: P8
  • Final 1: P3- DSQ
  • Final 2: P14
  • Pole time: 1:14:617

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