CNK Portimão- Round 1


Today we had qualifying and qualifying race . In which i both ended up 4th. I was looking for a podium here in Portimão since it was my home track but I only  had 1 day to adapt to a totally different kart and engine so that hindered me at first. So it was good because it meant that we could overall go forward if i had some luck .



In the second qualifying race, ahead of the final i started fourth and was looking good to head up the field but being spun at the start of the race in the first corner made it not so. I was last but drove back to 9th from 13th since the top 8 where far ahead pushing each other I couldn´t reach them. Partially because at this track it was very important to slipstream. Then in the Final starting 6th i was 4th mid race but got overtaken once and then a chain reaction occured of drivers following each other through past me. Then losing the touch of the front guys with 2 laps to go when i tried to pass for 5th but clipped his rear and lost a lot of time. So then finishing the final in a dissapointing 6th

  • Qualifying: P5
  • Pre-Final: P4
  • Pole time: 1:00.74
  • Pre-Final: P9 (crash)
  • Final: P6
Kartodromo International do Algarve