CNK Leiria – Round 2



Saturday, I had qualifying and a heat, In the first 4 practice sessions that day I was looking good for a top 3, But in qualifying I ended up in P5 just because I couldn’t get a super lap in. However, on the start i had a super run into the first corner. Everyone went a bit wide so I mounted the inside curb and passed 3 people to go up into p2. The first few laps I was catching 1st but then start dropping of a bit and in the penultimate lap I got passed for 3rd. Still a good result though.


Sunday in the warm up I was 2nd and was confident for the second quail heat. Unfortunately, this time I had a very poor start from P3 and was forced wide in the first corner down to 6th and only managed to recover to p5. In the result, the driver who finished second was penalized by 3 seconds but I was just outside that 3 second window so instead of starting 4th I started 6th for the Final.

In the final I got another good start and got up to 4th. Then I was passed by one person and automatically dropped 3 positions. Now I had to fight back from 7th with only a few laps to go. I pushed really hard but when I made the Move for 5th t the top 4 were too far ahead and so I finished a unlucky 5th. However, at the end i did come really close to a podium position since they started battling hard on the last lap

  • Qualifying: P5
  • Pre-Final: P3
  • Pole-time: 48.877
  • Pre-Final: P4
  • Final: P5
Kartodromo de Leiria

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