BirelArt Spain – 1st Practice Weekend


Firstly, when I arrived at the track – on Saturday – we went to see the team and the facilities. I was very surprised with the amount of people that worked for the team and how professional it was.

When I hit the track I immediately found that it was a very technical and demanding track and I liked that. First stints I had to break in the engine so that gave me a chance to learn the track well. When I started to push the pace wasn’t bad and when I got new tires I was already very close to the leading drivers which was amazing considering the circumstances. For the rest of the day it was important to get as many laps in as possible and at the end of the day I did 11 stints and probably 100 – 150 laps. The results were very pleasing for the first time on a new track, a new team and a new chassis and pretty much the first time in rotax junior. At the end of the day all our data from our michrons were collected and then used to find out where each driver could gain time compared to their teammates.

On Sunday we drove as a team to push each other to better lap times and I eventually did a 58.37 with relatively old tires which was a very good time. Then in the afternoon I got new tires to push very hard and get good lap times but because of the new tires the karts handling changed a lot which resulted in poor times and we later found out it was because of the tire pressure. It was a great first training with Birel Art Spain and we were very satisfied. In total I did around 220 laps and already gained a lot of experience even though it was only a training.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, my next event will be Rotax Portugal in Braga on the 3-5 of March.

See you there, Jesse 😉

58.37 - Fastest Lap
Circuito Kart Recas, Spain